SEO positioning

Does your web page not have many visits yet?

We all agree that every business needs a website. But have you thought about how your customers are going to find it? Do you think you will appear in the search engine rankings just because you’ve created your website?

There are trillions of web pages all competing for the top spot, so to make sure you stand out from the crowd and appear in search engine results, you need an online marketing strategy. We’ll start by working on organic positioning or SEO positioning to get your website into the top positions in search engine results naturally. In other words, without paying Google.

What is SEO positioning?

  • The aims is to ensure that, when a user enters a search query on a search engine, your web page appears in the first page of results, thereby increasing the chances of the user clicking on it.
  • For this to happen, your website needs to flag up in the search engine’s database when the algorithm processes the query.
  • These databases are created by robots called crawlers that “crawl” the internet, passing from one link to the next to find new content for users.
  • In order for a search engine to save your web page in its database, you need to help it understand what it contains.
  • This is called search engine optimization.
  • This involves offering a suitable information architecture with a hierarchy of structured contents, header tags, internal links to friendly URLs, alt texts for images, video transcriptions, reduced loading times, meta tags that explain the content to be displayed, and anchor texts for users without any spelling mistakes.
  • Once we’ve sorted out all of these aspects, we can start promoting your web page to build links from other pages in the sector.
  • If these links follow the quality guidelines, they are a point in favour of your website and improve your position in the ranking by helping Google locate and index your contents.